Pre-Holiday Recommendations with Children

If you do not plan well, a holiday with children can turn into a tiring time instead of a pleasant memory for you. For this, before going on vacation, you need to think about many details from your child’s suitcase to the activities he or she can spend time with. On the other hand, remember that the suitability of your destination in terms of hygiene is also important for your health and safety, especially due to the corona virus pandemic recently.

1- Make Your Pre-Vacation Planning With Children

After you have a child, it is extremely important to spend your day planned and keep up with your busy life. Being planned before you go on vacation ensures that you have a good and rested holiday and collect special memories for years to come. First of all, determine the places appropriate for your child’s age and where he / she will have fun. For example; If your child is 3 years or older, many hotels have children’s playrooms or children’s activity programs. In such places, your child can spend time without getting bored. In addition, prepare a separate suitcase for your child and include materials such as toys, books, activity boxes, paint, play dough in your suitcase that will make you comfortable on holiday.

Take your child to the doctor before the holiday and have a general check-up; It will be effective in preventing an unfavorable health-related situation you may encounter on holiday.

2- See Your Pediatrician Before Vacation

Take your child to the doctor before the holiday and have a general check-up; It will be effective in preventing an unfavorable health-related situation you may encounter on holiday. With the advice of your doctor, you can learn what you need to pay attention to during this period and clarify the medications you need to take with you. It is therefore wise to visit your child’s doctor before the holiday.

3- Prepare a Suitcase List for Your Child

Having a comprehensive suitcase for your child ensures that you are comfortable on holiday. However, if you have forgotten things, remember that you can get them from where you go. So prioritize the list for things that you can’t get on vacation but must have for your child. For example; If your child has a toy that he loves very much or does not take away from him while sleeping, do not forget to take it with you on vacation. In addition, materials such as antipyretic, thermometer, burn cream, fly repellent spray may also be necessary on vacation. Apart from these, you can add to your list:

  • Clothes suitable for different weather situations
  • Swimwear (several pieces)
  • Beach supplies such as sunglasses, sandals, hats, bagels, armlets, beach towels
  • Shampoo
  • Shower gel
  • Sunscreen cream
  • Comb
  • Fiber
  • Wet wipes

Gastrointestinal problems can be experienced frequently, especially during summer holidays. Therefore, with the suggestion of your doctor, you can use prebiotics to be protective for your child and yourself during this period.

Holiday choices, which include activities suitable for your child’s age and temperament, allow you to listen and have a good time.

4- Savior for Vacation with Kids: Activity Box

The activity box you will prepare before a holiday with children can be a savior for you, especially in times of crisis. In fact, the activity box is very useful for your child to spend time in the vehicle along the way. Simple things such as play dough, crayons, drawing books, and sticker activity books will be effective for your child to spend time.

On the other hand, sand and water toys are among the toys you can choose for your child, especially during sea holidays.

5- Search for Suitable Places for Vacation with Children

In order to have a pleasant holiday with your child, look for the advantages of the places you plan to stay for him. Vacation choices, which include activities suitable for your child’s age and temperament, allow you to listen and have a good time. On the other hand, having a suitable bed for your child, having children’s menus, thinking about details such as a high chair will relax you during the holiday. Finding detailed information by searching the place you intend to go and finding out which alternatives are available for the child will be effective in making the right decision. 

6- You Can Choose Quiet Places Against Corona Virus

Due to the corona virus pandemic seen in our country since March, many families are hesitant to plan a vacation. However, the fact that children were at home for a long time and their being away from school environments may have affected them psychologically and socially. For this reason, summer vacation can keep you and your child away from this negative situation and give morale when the necessary hygiene and safety conditions are provided. While planning your holiday, you can choose smaller and quiet places or you can spend a more isolated holiday by renting special period, weekly and monthly places for your family. A holiday with nature will be good for both you and your child who has been at home for a long time.

Once you have decided where to go on vacation, you should also clarify the transportation issue.

Suggestions for Oral and Dental Health in Children

7- Be Prepared for the Changes in Your Child on Vacation

Children do not like uncertainties. They can cause problems as it breaks their vacation routine. While you think he will have a good time, your child may cry often or not feel well. Be patient and understanding with him. Tell him what you will do at the beginning of the day. Try to eliminate uncertainties. Set more flexible rules instead of strict rules. When you return home, you can continue with your old order.

8-Make It Clear How To Go On Vacation

You have decided where to go for the holiday and completed your shopping. However, an important detail about the holiday is the transportation issue. If your destination is far away, you may prefer to go by plane. However, do not forget to protect your child against pressure. (You can make him chew gum.) If you are going by car, your child’s sleeping hours may be ideal for the journey. In addition, traveling in very hot weather can cause your child to be restless. During the journey, it is useful to keep your child with you, such as toys that will keep your child busy and get bored.

9-The Way To Make Your Vacation Easier With Children: Babysitter

Having a babysitter that will make the holiday with children easier for you is a good alternative for both your child to have a good time and to spend time for yourself. Especially if your child is in infancy or at a young age, getting professional support during the holiday regarding his / her care is the key to having a comfortable holiday. While you are having a good time, you can enjoy the holiday with the comfort of your child spending quality time.

On the other hand, you can also consider the play sister option for your child to accompany you during the holiday period and take care of your child . Often, university graduates or recent graduates take part as game older sisters. It is a great advantage for you that they are young, dynamic, educated and most of them have a knowledge of child psychology. You can visit My Home Career to meet these people who are candidates to be your child’s playmates during the holiday .