How Does Your Child Develop Their Great Muscular Skills

Great muscular skills mostly refer to the coordination of muscles such as arm and leg muscles. Running, jumping, jumping, balancing, jumping, etc. It includes being able to make movements. Your child’s great muscle skills develop rapidly, especially after they start walking. However, if it is supported by activities appropriate for its age and development, a faster progress in large muscle development can be seen. For this reason, it is extremely important to support your child with the right activities.

What are Great Muscle Skills?

These skills, also called gross motor skills; It involves the work of large muscles, especially the arm, leg, shoulder and neck muscles. As gross motor skills develop, your child’s sense of independence and self-esteem grows. Movements such as running, jumping, jumping, jumping, climbing, and rolling are related to the development of great muscle skills.

When Does Your Child’s Great Muscle Development Begin?

Major muscle growth in children begins to develop with birth. This development, which is primarily seen as a reflex, leaves its place to voluntary muscle movements as the weeks progress. The development of great muscle skills takes place in a certain order, as in other developmental areas. For example; Your baby first crawls, then balances and walks for a short time. Of course, exceptional circumstances may occur. Some babies can walk without crawling at all. But in general; There is a certain order. The first major muscular skills; creep, crawl, balance, roll, and walk. Later, new skills are acquired as you get to know your body.

Your Child Can Challenge You in Discoveries for Great Muscular Skills

Especially after your child starts to walk, he declares his independence and is curious to explore himself and his environment separately from you. However, this situation also brings some risky situations. Your child thinks he can do anything and doesn’t know the concept of danger. Therefore; he can drop himself uncontrollably down a table. He may try to climb the closets in the house. Actually, movement is his natural need. It is what is necessary for him to realize his potential and to develop great muscular skills (gross motor skills). So instead of preventing it, create safe environments. Offer them the opportunity to improve their skills in safe areas such as climbing, jumping.

Outdoor Activities Ideal For Your Child’s Big Muscle Skills

The most ideal area for your child to improve their gross motor skills is outdoor activities. Playgrounds, forests, places where you come together with groups of friends can be seen as ideal and safe environments for your child to develop great muscle skills. Activities such as cycling, spending time in parking cars, jogging, jogging, walking on the balance board play an important role in muscle development. On the other hand; The open air is also effective in your child’s immune development and increasing their observation power.

Game Is a Good Tool for Your Child’s Great Muscle Skills

Meaningful learning also occurs when children explore the world through play. The child, who has the opportunity to experience many things through play, both enjoys and learns. In this way, it also makes progress in all areas of development. For this reason, game can be your most important assistant in the development of gross motor skills. In addition, you can make progress in all areas of development as well as your child’s great muscle skills with the versatile activities you plan. In the rest of our article, you can take a look at our suggestions for activities and games that will contribute to many development areas, especially great muscle skills. By doing these activities at home with your child, you can both spend quality time and support their development. The activities we recommend will be based on your child’s age,

Activity Suggestions for Your Child’s Great Muscle Skills

You can support your child’s gross motor skills with many activities that you can do with simple materials at home. In this way, you will have fun with your child and spend an active time for his development.

1- Balls to the Basket

Ball games are enjoyable activities that you can use for great muscle skills. Your child’s throwing the ball, being able to hold the ball, bouncing the ball are among the development of gross motor skills.

For the game “Balls Basket” you need colored balls and a basket. Ask your child to throw the balls into the basket from a distance. You can adjust the distance according to your age. You can play this game with your child from the age of 2. Also, with this game, it is possible to support your child’s cognitive development as well as their gross motor skills. You can do this by asking him to throw the balls according to their color. For example; “Throw the red ball into the basket. Now throw the green ball into the basket. You can also help your child learn colors with instructions such as ”. In addition, after all balls have been thrown into the basket, you can group them according to their colors, count the balls according to their colors for the concept of more or less.

Play is the most important tool in the development of your child’s great muscle skills, as in all areas of development.

2-Survivor Track

Children love to move because of their nature. You can create a survivor track at home from time to time so that they can do this in a controlled manner. Changing the track every time will increase his interest. There may be areas such as jumping, crawling, and walking in balance on your track. For example; Put 2 or 3 hulo-hoops on the floor (if there is no hulo-hoops, you can create a circle with a rope. Make a straight or optionally curved path with ribbon or rope at the end of the hulo-hoops. At the end, place a table or a chair. You can ask him to walk with two legs or one foot and then to crawl under the table.

3- Gymnastics Time

One of the activities your child will enjoy is Gymnastics Clock. Starting the day with sports will be good for both you and him. You can do exercise movements prepared for children together. Many websites have examples of gymnastics practice with children. In this way, you can make your child work all his muscles. You can end this activity by dancing together to music you like.

4- Creative Dance

Creativity development is one of the most important steps of thinking skills. Dance and music, on the other hand, are an important tool for your child’s body to move and therefore for great muscle development. Therefore, give your child music in different rhythms. (slow-fast) Ask him to dance according to the rhythm. When the music stops, ask it to be sculpture in a different movement. With this activity, both have fun and contribute to your child’s mental development and great muscle skills.

5-Inside / Outside

With this game, you can improve your child’s attention and movement skills. Draw a circle on the ground or create a circle shape with a rope. Ask it to jump in or out of the circle as per your command. Try to surprise him by giving instructions quickly. Changing the instructions will allow him to play the game for a longer time without getting bored. For example; You can make the game more fun with different instructions such as your hands inside, one leg inside, your feet outside, your hands inside. Let your child give you commands, too. Playing the game together will be a very enjoyable moment for him.

6- Let’s Move Balloons

Playing a balloon game with your child is both enjoyable and ideal for great muscular skills. With your child, you can try to move the balloon to the place you determined by throwing it in the air without dropping it on the ground. As your child gets older, you can play the same game as standing.

7-Let’s Jump Rope

Skipping rope with your child is one of the useful games for the development of gross motor skills. You can perform walking activities in different ways by using ropes, you can have a rope pulling competition, you can keep the rope on top and crawl under it. Each of them will be effective in your child’s development by stimulating their big muscles.

What Can a Babysitter Do for Your Child’s Great Muscular Skills?

The babysitter is the person who spends the most time with your child. Therefore, it plays a big role in its development as well as its care. Therefore, you should consider this point when choosing a babysitter. If you want the babysitter to properly support all developmental areas of your child, especially the development of great muscular skills, first of all, you should consider child development knowledge among your criteria.

Knowing different games and believing in the importance of games in child development is also an important point. Also; It is extremely important for your child to adopt a democratic approach in child care, not to constantly interfere with the child, to use a positive language, to encourage him in the process of experiencing, to take necessary precautions against accidents and unwanted situations, to organize the environment, to be careful and organized.