Game Suggestions for Your Child's Social Development

Social development in children; It includes the skills of communicating with the environment, expressing oneself correctly, acting according to the values ​​and judgments of the society in which they live. Social development starts from the moment the baby is born. Ensuring that the child is in the same environment with his / her peers and offering different social environment experiences are among the things that the family and those who take care of the child can do to support social development. However, nowadays we are at home due to the corona virus pandemic, we have prepared our suggestions for activities that you can do at home for the social development of your child . In addition, you can find details about the importance and benefits of the game in your child’s life in our article.

Learn Developmental Features for Your Child’s Social Development

It is important to know how your child’s social development should be according to age or even months, so that you can evaluate him correctly in terms of development. In this way, you can interpret the reasons for your child’s behavior more easily. For example; By the age of 2, your child feels a desire to act independently. For this reason, he may display more stubborn and angry behavior towards you. This is a completely developmental period. During this period, it is important to be understanding and patient with him and to ignore his negative behaviors.

Again, at the age of 3, the child’s self-centeredness is at a high level. It is not sharing. Don’t blame or tag your friend when he doesn’t share his toy. Remember that it’s a developmental period.

If you imagine your child as an individual who has high self-confidence, can express himself correctly, takes responsibility and is accepted by the society in adulthood, it is extremely important that you support social development in early childhood.

Why Is Your Child’s Social Development Important?

If you imagine your child as an individual who has high self-confidence, can express himself correctly, takes responsibility and is accepted by the society in adulthood, it is extremely important that you support social development in early childhood. We would like to point out that social development and emotional development go hand in hand. For this reason, your child must first be aware of the emotions and name them. In this way, they will understand more easily that other people have feelings and their empathy skills will develop. People with healthy social development are more easily accepted in society and express themselves better.

Activity Suggestions for Your Child’s Social Development

1- Let’s Take on Different Roles

Children learn by imitating many behaviors. In social development, you can teach that there are different roles in society in this way. For example; Play games that take on different roles. House games played by assuming roles such as teacher, doctor, mother and father are extremely important for social development. By trying different roles, your child analyzes social life more. In addition, such games are also supportive in terms of language development.

2- Who Would You Like To Be?

Play the game “Who Would You Like To Be” with your child. Ask him to close his eyes and imagine who he wants to be. Ask him to think about what features he likes without saying his name. Then ask this person to draw his picture using crayons and the materials they want. When he finishes his painting, ask him to describe who he wants to be and what qualities he likes. With this activity, your child will focus on thinking positively and developing positive thoughts about others.

3- Hello, Let’s Meet

You will need music for this game. Turn on a music your child likes and start dancing. When the music stops, shake hands with your child saying hello to each other. Then turn the music back on. Every time the music stops, you and your child make a statement about yourself. For example; Make sentences that describe your physical and emotional characteristics, such as “my favorite color is blue, I am 5 years old”. Continue the dance with the music at the end of each sentence. In this way, you will contribute to your child’s self-expression and social skills.

4- Emotion Balloons

Naming and expressing their emotions is extremely important for your child’s social and emotional development. We have an enjoyable game suggestion to support these development areas. Get colorful balloons and draw different facial expressions on each bubble. Dance by throwing balloons with expressions of happy, sad, angry, confused. When the music stops, hold a balloon. First, let your child tell you what the emotion is in the balloon he is holding and guess why he is in it. For example; “The happy face may feel happy to go to the park.” Practice identifying emotions and saying why. You can continue the game by dancing with a balloon.

5- Let’s Grow Our Flower

One step in social development is the sense of responsibility. The small responsibilities you will give to your child are extremely important for their social development. All you need is; pot, seeds and soil. Your child will love it when you play this flower planting activity. Chat with your child first. Ask what it takes for a flower to grow. Then do a little research and choose an easy-to-grow flower with your child. After you have planted the flower, you can ask your child to give it a name and paint the flower pot. After planting flowers, support your child to take care of them on a daily basis.

Suggestions for Your Child’s Social Development

In addition to supporting your child’s social development with games, it is important to pay attention to some points in your communication with him. Seeing your child as an individual and valuing their thoughts, listening to them, appreciating them by focusing on their achievements, offering the opportunity to make choices, and caring about their decisions are among the attitudes that support their social development. In addition, being a model for gaining values ​​such as helping each other, sharing, and apologizing, and giving responsibilities appropriate for your age are important details.

Play is the Child’s Most Effective Learning Tool

Game is the most effective learning tool in childhood. While the child has a pleasant time, he learns many things through play. Especially at an early age, children’s attention span is short. Therefore, they get bored quickly. Thanks to the game, learning takes place without realizing it. On the other hand, thanks to the game, your child has the opportunity to express his / her negative emotions and fears they suppress in a natural way. Another point is, if you have a babysitter, the game is; It helps establish a secure bond between your caregiver and your child and allows your child to adopt their caregiver in less time.

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Be Informed About Babysitter Play and Child Development

There are many criteria to consider when choosing a babysitter . Healthy people who love children, who are compassionate, smiling, open to communication, positive, honest, who care about personal care and hygiene, who do not prevent them from working for a long time can be considered ideal for caregiver work. However, working with people who have child development knowledge and place importance of play in the development of the child is a great advantage for both you and your child. In this way, you entrust both the care and development of your child to the right people.