Online Course Supplement for Your Child with His Sister

Schools were suspended due to the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic. In the meantime, children are trying to close the gap, provided with distance education or individual support. If you want to support your child in his lessons during this period, you can review the play sister alternative. With the game sister, you can take online lessons for your child , and you can make sure that they complete the missing subjects in a short time.

Who is the Game Sister?

Game sister; It is an important helper that you can entrust your child part time or for a few hours on certain days of the week, which will make it easier for you to spare time for yourself and your work. At the same time, they make an important contribution to your child’s development by effectively planning the time spent with your child and supporting him in the direction of the deficiencies you have identified in your child. Game sisters are mostly young and dynamic people who study at university. Being educated is a big plus for you.

Due to the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, your child may not be able to attend school or courses. It may also not be possible to call a private tutor for home tutoring. However, it is up to you to turn this difficult process into an educational opportunity with the online course supplement with the game sister. You can determine in which lessons your child needs supplements, and find an educated game sister to meet your child online at any time.

Thanks to online education with the game sister, you can turn this compulsory process at home into an educational opportunity.

How does the online course process take place for your child with the game sister?

With the developing technology, the distance education process can be continued through the internet without the need for the educator and the student to be in the same environment. Especially in this period, it is a great advantage to continue your child’s education safely at home. In addition to the distance education practices of the Ministry of National Education, you can also ensure that your child receives additional education online in English, Mathematics, and Science. During this training, your child can ask the player’s sister questions that come to mind. In this way, an interactive training takes place.

With the help of tools such as video, audio, graphics, computers and multimedia technology, you should first clarify in which lessons and at what time intervals you want to support your child, and search for an expert game sister in this field.

What Are The Advantages Of Online Course Supplement For Your Child With The Play Sister?

Your child needs good planning and internal discipline to study at home. Many children away from the school environment may find it difficult to keep up with this new order and study regularly. Children who constantly postpone studying, spend long hours under the spell of technological devices such as televisions and tablets will have trouble adjusting to the school environment when life returns to normal after a while. For this reason, the online training option with the game sister will give you some comfort in these matters. In addition, the advantages of online lessons with the game sister are:

  • During the period when your child is not attending school, you will prevent him from getting away from his lessons.
  • You can turn this compulsory home period into an opportunity and ensure that your child receives supplementary education with the play sister in the lessons they need to be supported.
  • Especially if you have a child who has difficulty in being disciplined alone and studying regularly, you will help him provide this discipline thanks to his play sister.
  • With the feedback of the game sister, you can plan more easily for the back of the day.
  • It is an economical choice for you as online education with the game sister will be an hourly practice.
  • You have the option to choose one-time or at regular intervals. In addition, you can support your child in many issues with different game sisters.

When you want to support your child in any area, need time for yourself or have an urgent job, you can get help from the player’s sister.

On What Issues Can Play Sister Support Your Child?

The game sister alternative is an important helper for this challenging process. On the other hand, when life returns to normal, you can take advantage of working with the game sister. When you want to support your child in any field, need time for yourself or have an urgent job, you can get help from the player’s sister. The main issues that the play sister can support your child are:

  • Private tutoring,
  • Helping with after-school homework,
  • Preparing the child before the exam,
  • Organizing mental activities such as chess and intelligence games,
  • Supporting the development of your child with educational games,
  • Take on the role of an important playmate that your child will share with,
  • Having activities to support your child’s artistic side such as theater, creative drama, piano teaching at home,
  • Organizing cinema, theater, museum, park hours with your child and taking responsibility for these activities,
  • Supporting foreign language learning,
  • Supporting your child with special conditions such as speech disorder, attention deficit, dyslexia developmentally (speech therapy, attention training, etc.),
  • The game sister can help your child in matters such as giving speech therapy for your child with speech problems.

What Are The Pros Of Working With The Gamer Sister?

People who work as play older sisters are young and dynamic people. Besides, they are trained. Having pedagogical knowledge is an important advantage in terms of knowing how to communicate with your child and how to approach him. In this process, even if it is a distance education, they observe your child and give you objective feedback. They are economical as they work hourly and they can arrange the program according to the hours you specify. In addition to the game sister option, the game brother alternative may also be ideal for you. You can make a choice in this direction, especially according to the temperament of your child.

Play Sister Alternative Suitable for Children of Which Age Range?

In general, the game sister is an option you can choose for your child from the age of 2. From this period on, you can play educational games with your child to support their development and help them gain some habits. In addition, you can work with the play sister to help your child with homework, to be taken from school, to spend quality time, and to support from any lesson. It may be an ideal choice to work with the game sister for the transition exams to high school in the middle school period.

The hourly wage of the game sisters; Service expected from sisters varies according to the duration of the service, the expertise of the game sister and the years

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How to Set Sister Fees?

The hourly wage of the game sisters; The service expected from sisters varies according to the duration of the service, the expertise of the game sister and the years. The education and experience that the game sister can give increases the fee. Educated sisters; can teach children foreign languages; He can support his lessons such as mathematics and physics or have activities to improve his artistic side. In this way, you can make your life easier by sharing the responsibility of your child with the right person.

On the other hand, the game sister fees will differ depending on the city of residence. For example; Due to the fact that living conditions are more difficult in big cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara compared to other provinces, the wage expectations of the game sisters will be higher.