Animated Activity Suggestions for Your Child

Schools were closed due to the corona virus (COVID-19). This forced break can be particularly difficult for your child. Spending the whole day at home can cause him to be bored and to exhibit unwanted behaviors because he cannot throw his energy away. On the other hand, his time spent with technological tools may increase and you may have trouble how to support his development. If you are experiencing these situations, this article is for you. We hope that you will have a pleasant and quality time during the process at home and make this process easier for you with our mobile activity suggestions for your child .

Be Understanding With Your Child

Spending time outside is very risky due to the corona (COVID-19) pandemic. But while spending the whole day at home is difficult even for adults, it is more boring for children. For this reason, understand your child’s outbursts of anger and conflicts with you from time to time. Even ignore it. Offer suggestions he can do at home, that he will like and support his development

Setting routines such as activities, technology time, rest time, game time will make your day more comfortable.

Plan the Day with Your Child

Plan the day in this challenging process. It will be more difficult to manage your child when you act without knowing what to do. Setting routines such as activities, technology time, rest time, play time will make your day more comfortable.

While preparing this plan, be sure to include active activities. Because your child is very energetic. The fact that he throws this energy through play prevents him from exhibiting unwanted behavior.

Create Activity Spaces for Your Child in Your Home

To do this, identify small areas. For example; Put materials such as paper, paint, play dough, scissors on a small table. Your child can do art works whenever they want. During this period, board games will be very savior for you. With board games suitable for his age, your child not only has a pleasant time but also supports his mental development. You can make a corner where he can reach these games.

In addition, puzzle and lego-style toys also allow your child to focus and spend a long time during this period. If all these materials are within the reach of the child, it will be easy to implement their activities on their own.

Why Active Activity is Important for Your Child

Children are energetic and it is important for their healthy development to discharge this energy properly. Gaming is the most natural and enjoyable way you can meet this need. On the other hand, the child learns many things without realizing it while playing. In addition, since there is an active life, more permanent learning occurs compared to other types of learning. Movement in the game allows the child to participate more eagerly.

The fact that the activities you will do at home with your child are suitable for the active-passive sequence, ensures that your child can participate in activities without getting bored and focused.

Active Activity For Your Child Eases The Process At Home

Activities you can do at home with your child are usually passive activities. So you usually prefer table-top events. However, having passive activities one after the other causes the child to become bored, distracted and reluctant to participate in activities. For this, adding a moving game between both passive activities allows your child to participate more actively in all the activities you do. He has more trouble focusing and concentration.

Animated Activity Suggestions for Your Child

Organizing vigorous activities for your child at home will help him drain his energy. Besides, your child will have less conflict with you. You can also support all developmental areas of your child by making simple additions to your animated games.

Animated Activity Suggestion for Your Child: Balloon Dance

The activities that you can do at home with your child include movement, allowing him / her to relax. In this way, it can concentrate more easily on table-top activities.

For the balloon dance game; one or two balloons will be sufficient. We ask your child to take the balloon between his legs and dance in this way to the music. You can accompany him too. Also, you can diversify this game. For example; Cross with your child and squeeze the balloon and try to dance without dropping it. Your child will have a lot of fun in this activity with you.

Prepare a small table with art supplies that your child can reach whenever they want

Find the Missing Numbers

Make up cards with numbers 1 to 10 with your child. Close your child’s eyes. Then store these cards in different places in the room. Guide him to find the missing numbers when you open his eyes. Become a midwife and let your child keep the numbers.

Sculpture Game

You can also support attention and focus through active activities for your child. Turn up the music and dance. Become a sculpture when the music stops. Make your game more fun by trying to make your child who is a sculpture laugh and move.

Hop and Bounce

We said it is important to choose active games to help your child get rid of his energy. To develop both motor skills and support attention, prepare cards with numbers from 1 to 10, and ask him to make as many moves as you show. For example; show the card the number 7 and ask him to jump 7 times or show the number 5 and ask him to find 5 objects in red.


Bowling game is one of the enjoyable activities you can do with your child at home. Moreover, you don’t need real clubs to play this game. You can make clubs using water bottles and start bowling with your child with the help of a ball.

If You Are Looking For An Active Activity For Your Child, You Can Play “Complete The Track”

If you are thinking of active activities for your child, parkour games are among the fun choices. Cushions, chairs, etc. in your home. Using materials, you can create a track where he can crawl, jump, and do balance movements. The house may be a little messy, but it will be an important activity for your child to let off their energy and have fun.


Hop at home can be prepared a little different from the straight sex you know. Write the hotspots on the sheets and ask your child to jump over the number you said. In this way, you both support the recognition of numbers and you will have the practice of double-foot-one-foot jumping. You can also give instructions about the concept of color by painting the numbers in this game.

Meet the Needs of Active Activity for Your Child with Rabbit-Turtle Game

Tune in fast and slow tone music. Ask him to jump like a bunny in a fast tone and move slowly like a tortoise if he is in slow tone. If you wish, you can perform the same activity by muting and unmuting the music. With this activity, your child also learns to control his body.

What Is The Mirror Doing?

Be your child or you a mirror in this activity that will be played by two people. The mirror imitates the movements of the other party. This game includes brushing teeth, bathing, reading, swimming, etc. You can animate the movements.

Let’s Fly Like a Bird

In this game, identify animals with your child and bring these animals to life. For example; fly like a bird, jump like a rabbit, roar like a lion, crawl like a snake. When you finish the animations, you can do research on an animal of your choice and prepare a poster.

What Can the Babysitter Do During This Period?

If you are still working or working at home , you may need babysitter support. It is a great advantage for you and your child that your caregiver is equipped and educated in this intensive home process. In addition, a responsible babysitter who plans activities for your child, knows the game subject, knows his developmental characteristics, will be your greatest assistant. If you are going to receive babysitter support in this process, the features you should look for in your caregiver candidate in general are:

  • Who loves children
  • Patient, understanding and smiling,
  • Honest,
  • Cold-blooded,
  • Having knowledge of child development, play, communication, first aid,
  • Paying attention to personal care and hygiene,
  • Tidy,
  • Positive,
  • Healthy people are ideal people to be babysitters.