What Are the Benefits of Exercising for Children

The most important of the benefits of doing sports for children is that sports play a major role in their healthy development. Being in the life of sports from a young age will provide many advantages in terms of strengthening of immunity, socialization, discipline, development of focus and concentration skills as well as physical development of your child. Therefore, considering the developmental characteristics of your child, directing them to sports in line with their interests and curiosity will provide many benefits in the long run. You can find the contributions of sports to your child, sports suggestions by age and more in our article.

Why Should Your Child Exercise?

Sports will have a great impact on your child’s healthy and regular life. For this reason, it is one of the most important contributions you can offer to your child, starting from an early age, supporting him to do sports in line with his interests and abilities, being a model for him, and laying the foundations of adopting sports as a lifestyle in the future. On the other hand, sports have positive effects on all development areas as well as physical development. The contributions of sports to your child;

  • Supports healthy growth and development
  • Contributing to social development
  • Adopting an active lifestyle
  • Increased bone density
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Controlling unwanted behavior
  • It has many advantages such as reduced risk of diseases such as excess weight and diabetes.

1-Sports Is Effective In Your Child’s Healthy Growth

Children who do sports have stronger immunity than those who do not. At the same time, the bone and muscle structure of children who move regularly will develop better, their cardiovascular health will be positively affected and the risk of experiencing health problems such as obesity, fat and diabetes will decrease in later ages. On the other hand, research has revealed that children who engage in sports have a lower rate of developing bad habits.

Benefits of exercising for children include socialization and high self-esteem

2-Sports for Your Child’s Social Development

It is possible to support your child’s social development with sports. Especially team sports; It improves your child’s aspects such as acting, sharing and leading in a group. On the other hand, it is observed that children who are interested in sports are more outgoing, self-confident and sociable.

3-Sports Help Your Child Relax

Children are very energetic. If they don’t drain their excess energy properly, behavioral problems can occur. Sport is one of the most ideal ways to spend their excess energy in an appropriate way. Dealing with a certain sport will help your child relax psychologically. Conditions such as anxiety and depression are less likely to be seen in people who do sports. Your child’s ability to cope with stress will improve thanks to sports.

4-Sports Disciplines Your Child, Increases Focus and Concentration Skill

Being interested in sports ensures that there is a certain discipline in your child’s life. They are more successful in setting goals, focusing on the goal, and striving to reach the goal.

You should try to understand which sport is appropriate for your child’s interests and skills.

5-Starting Sports At A Young Age Makes It Easier For Your Child To Adopt Sports As A Lifestyle

We have seen that there are many people around us who want to do sports or even enroll in sports centers but cannot show continuity. It will be more difficult for people who do not do sports at a young age to have sports discipline in adulthood. On the other hand, sports will be a lifestyle for people who have been engaged in sports since childhood and they will be able to spare time for sports in all their intensity.

Which sport should you direct your child to?

Before directing your child to sports, you should try to understand whether he or she is interested in that sport. Then you should investigate whether the age and developmental characteristics are appropriate for the sport you intend to direct. Although the development of each child is different, in general, the sports you can direct according to their age are as follows:

2-4 Years: Gymnastics

The age range of 2-4 is a period in which physical development is rapid. During this period, weight should be given to exercises based on running and jumping; Children should be introduced to sports by means of gymnastics in the company of experts. During this period, movement must take place in the life of the child. Providing opportunities for movement for at least 1 hour a day is extremely important for your child’s relaxation and muscle-bone development.

4-6 Ages: Gymnastics, Swimming

The sports option you can direct your child in the 4-6 age period will be more because your child’s movement and muscle skills increase. Gymnastics and dance may be the first choice for this period. This way your child will be more flexible. Swimming is one of the sports that can be preferred during this period. Water will also help children relax during this period. As of the age of 5-6, basketball is a sport that you can direct according to your child’s interest.

Team sports such as football and basketball help your child learn to move with the group.

What Do Families Want, What Can Carers Expect

Age 6-10: You Can Study All Sports

During this period, your child’s ability to move has reached a high level. For this reason, all sports branches, especially basketball, swimming, tennis, football, can be preferred. At this point, you can also make a choice according to the aspects of your child that should be supported. For example; If your child is experiencing loss anxiety intensely and has difficulty in communicating with his / her friends, team sports will be more beneficial. However, weight-focused sports are not recommended for children, as the bones have not yet reached sufficient hardness before puberty.

What You Should Do Before Your Child Start Exercising

  • Before referring your child to sports, make sure they have a thorough health check. Make sure that there is no health problem that prevents him from doing sports.
  • Being a model for your child by doing sports will make your child look at sports more warmly.
  • Before determining the sport branch you will direct your child to, review his / her personal characteristics and developmental status. Determining your decision about team sports or individual sports according to your child will contribute to your child more.
  • Get your child’s opinion on the sport they want to do.
  • You can take your child to training sessions or sports classes as an observer to observe before starting sports.
  • Bringing your children together with people who are experienced in sports will ensure that they benefit from the positive effects of sports at the highest level. For this reason, it is important to research the sports school you will send your child to.

Being a model for your child in sports will increase their interest and curiosity towards sports.

Pay Attention to the Nutrition of Your Child Playing Sports

The most important element of your child’s healthy development is nutrition. Healthy and regular nutrition is extremely critical for healthy development. On the other hand, if your child is doing sports, you should adjust his diet according to his sport. You can also arrange the nutrition they need before and after sports with the support of an expert. You can help them adopt a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and sports from a young age.