Recommendations for the Pregnancy Process

Although the pregnancy process is a different experience for every expectant mother, the emotions we all experience are common. Every woman in this process; feels excitement, happiness and anxiety. With the excitement of holding her baby, she said, “Will I be a good mother? How much will my life change? ” The tides between anxieties will not leave you alone throughout pregnancy. Instead of reducing the joy of this different experience in your life with your anxiety, enjoy every moment of your pregnancy and whisper to yourself that you are the best mother for your baby. Also, listen to our suggestions that will facilitate the pregnancy process for you …

You Are Pregnant Not Sick

Pregnancy can be difficult for some expectant mothers. Sleepless nights, nausea, edema and many other ailments can strain you. However, pregnancy is not an illness. In this process, it is possible to continue your life as usual. Yes, your movements will be restricted a little, you will get tired faster, you will climb the stairs one by one, but you should continue with a deep breath. Don’t let the people around you treat you sick, either.

  • Healthy and balanced diet
  • Simple exercises
  • Making time for the things you love
  • Outdoor walks
  • Routine rest periods
  • Progress according to your doctor’s recommendations are tips that will make you feel better throughout the pregnancy.

Be Prepared to Meet Your Baby

At the end of your exciting pregnancy journey that will last about 9 months, you will have your tiny miracle in your arms. Well, are you ready for this magical moment? In order for your motherhood adventure to start well, you need to prepare yourself and facilitate the postpartum process with little planning. Firstly; You must have a doctor you trust with you on this journey. A doctor that you can easily reach and share your questions and concerns will be the most important point for a comfortable pregnancy. In addition, you need to determine who will help you after birth. Someone or a friend of the family that you get along well with, who is experienced and will guide your baby and you in the first days, can support you in this regard. If you are considering caregiver support,

You Have Not Changed, But Your Hormones Have Changed

During your pregnancy, you may observe some changes in your mood as well as physical changes. You can react to situations such as crying, anger, and irritability in situations where you did not react before. Actually, you are not the one who changed. The hormones that differ during pregnancy will also affect your mood and will cause these changes. Remember that this is natural and temporary, taking refuge in the understanding of your surroundings. Imagining the moment you hold your baby and thinking about what you will do with it can be effective in dealing with these difficult emotions.

During your pregnancy, take your time and deal with what’s good for you

Talking to Other Pregnant Women Can Help You

You may think you may not be understood during pregnancy. In addition, you may have concerns about the birth. In such situations, talking to people who share the same feelings as you will make you comfortable. It will be effective in realizing that you are not alone and that what you experience is natural. You can also talk to your doctor about any issues you have in mind or are worried about. On the other hand, if you still feel extremely anxious, unhappy and unhappy as a feeling, getting psychological support in this regard will also be effective in having a more comfortable pregnancy.

Keep a Diary About Your Pregnancy Process

Putting down this different experience in your life and noting your excitement, troubles, anxieties, preparations, doctor’s check-ups, in short, these special moments allows you to both relax and record moments for years to come. It also makes it easier for you to adapt to motherhood. When your baby grows up, you can gift him your diary. In this way, you will have the opportunity to share your feelings while waiting for him.

Prenatal Shopping

Undoubtedly, one of the most enjoyable aspects of pregnancy is preparing for a new member to join your family. Choosing clothes for her, preparing her room will make it easier for you to embody her feel. However, do not rush to shop anyway. After your doctor has given your exact gender, make a list for your baby and yourself. Prioritize your list and go shopping in a planned way. First of all, what is necessary for you and your baby after birth;

  • Hospital exit set
  • Socks, bodysuits, baby gloves, etc. clothes
  • Baby bottle, pacifier
  • Body thermometer
  • Shampoo and body lotion
  • Newborn diaper
  • Wet wipes
  • Baby bathtub and net
  • Bath sponge
  • The bath thermometer will be your primary needs for your baby. In time, you may need a more detailed shopping like stroller and kangaroo. After your baby is born, it will be more appropriate for your budget to make these purchases in line with his needs.
Don’t forget to take time for yourself and enjoy every moment to have a pleasant pregnancy.

Prenatal Shop for Yourself

There will be things you will need after birth as well as your baby. Therefore, add your own list to baby shopping. Primarily;

  • Chest pad
  • Breast cream
  • Breastfeeding bra
  • Buttoned pajamas and nightgown
  • Sanitary napkins are among the things you should buy for yourself. In addition, you can buy the clothes you will wear during your pregnancy during this shopping.

Move For A Comfortable Pregnancy

For a comfortable birth, with the suggestion of your doctor, you can register for sports programs prepared for pregnant women. Programs such as pregnant yoga and pregnant pilates both prepare you for the birth and create an opportunity to share with expectant mothers like you. If you do not participate in such programs, you can create a routine program for yourself in the form of daily walks and simple exercises.

Take Time for Yourself

With the birth of your baby, you will enter a busy period for a while and your priority will be your baby’s needs. Therefore, give yourself plenty of time during your pregnancy and store up energy for those days. Go out with your family and friends, spend time. Take care of your hobbies that are good for you. Depending on the weight you gain during this period, your skin may stretch. Do not neglect your moisturizing lotions, create a care time for yourself.

Sleep, A Little Sleep

What you must do during your pregnancy is to sleep a lot. After your baby is born, an uninterrupted sleep will be a dream for a while. So enjoy sleep and rest during your pregnancy.

Sharing your excitement during the pregnancy process with your spouse makes it easier for her to get used to the feeling of paternity.

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Share the Excitement of This Process With Your Partner

Where is your partner in this feeling while you are feeling your baby? It is extremely important for you to feel fatherhood, share your excitement, and bear responsibility for your baby so that you can raise a healthy baby. But the feeling of paternity may not be felt much during pregnancy. By noticing the change in you, you start to experience motherhood a little earlier. Therefore, you must support your spouse. Going to the controls together, shopping for babies together, giving your baby the opportunity to feel the movements will make your job easier. In addition, the trainings you can attend with your spouse on baby care and birth will also contribute to acting together as a parent and sharing this moment.

Find Your Babysitter During Pregnancy

Finding the person you will share with your baby’s care during pregnancy will have many advantages. You may not be able to think properly due to the densities you will experience after birth and you may rush this decision. This may cause dissatisfaction and frequent caregiver changes. On the other hand, it may take longer than you expect to find one of the features you are looking for. For this reason, it will be a great comfort for you to meet with your caregiver candidates during your pregnancy, to get to know them better and not to deal with this issue after birth.

Finding the babysitter during the pregnancy process will provide you with great convenience afterwards.