What are the Diseases Caused by Down Syndrome

Differences do not actually hurt. However, having an excess of a chromosome structure brings along many genetic problems. Here the consequences are harmful, not the cause. The harms of Down syndrome are the diseases caused by the syndrome.  

If you want, let’s examine the diseases caused by the syndrome. 

About Down Syndrome Diseases 

There are many diseases caused by the syndrome. It will be more descriptive and correct if we examine them in separate titles. Down syndrome diseases manifest themselves physically and psychologically. These diseases include:  

Mental Retardation 

Perhaps it is one of the biggest problems. It enables the individual to face many difficulties throughout life. Down syndrome – intelligence  relationship emerges as a result of the difference in chromosomes.  

We can talk about two types of mental retardation, mild and moderate. In both cases, it does not constitute an obstacle to their education. On the contrary, when they have a very good education, they can use their intelligence enough to lead their own lives. However, they still cannot do some work without help.  

Hearing loss 

Some babies born with the syndrome may experience hearing loss. In some cases, severe hearing loss may occur. In this case, they need to be taught sign language and receive special education.  

 This situation can be understood when babies with syndromes reach one year old. 

Brightness in the Heart 

“Hyperechoic focus” in the name of the medicine  heart brightness , a condition frequently seen in infants with syndrome. it shows itself as a bright or white-like spot on the heart. It is a lime colored formation.  

Generally, this situation can be encountered in the third month of pregnancy. Brightness is determined by ultrasound tests.  

Not only  people with the syndrome experience  this condition.  

In many cases, these spots are not visible and disappear after birth. Although the exact cause is not known, it manifests itself as a heart rhythm disorder. It is a condition that can be seen on both sides of the heart chambers.  

Although it is a harmless phenomenon in many cases, problems may arise in other heart tests. In this case, it is checked whether the heart rhythm is correct.  

Down Syndrome Intelligence Relationship 

In intelligence tests and some researches, the  intelligence  relationship with Down syndrome has been clearly demonstrated.  

It is one of the situations in which families suffer the most. This is why individuals with Down syndrome  receive special education. 

Intelligence is a phenomenon that can be measured today. However, intelligence tests performed in all countries of the world differ. This is because societies and cultures have a different structure. We can say that a universal intelligence and social intelligence differ from each other.  

In other words   , it would be wrong to reduce the intelligence phenomenon to a single point. However,   it would be more correct to give examples from normal people’s lives in order to define intelligence in individuals with Down syndrome .  

For example, when a normal person reaches a certain age, he is socially developed and can meet many of his needs himself. However, in people with the syndrome, this situation works more slowly and they depend on others for many of their needs.  

Behavioral characteristics of Down syndrome is another defining feature. Children with syndrome react differently to the reaction of a 3-year-old normal child to objects. Perhaps, based on this point, it will be possible to talk about mental retardation.  

Down Syndrome Mental Retardation Is, Or What? 

The syndrome itself directly causes a number of processes that lead to mental retardation. Due to the chromosome difference, there is also a difference in the functioning of brain cells.  

We think  we will need to explain the concept of Mongolism in detail in  order to answer the question of whether  Down syndrome is mental retardation in order to better understand the subject  .  

About Mongolism 

It occurs in three of every 1,000 babies born worldwide. However, it is more common in babies with Down syndrome. 

This disease, which is diagnosed especially from the head structures of babies, is detected psychologically, not physiologically, in syndromes. In other words, the psychological dimension of the disease belongs to those with syndromes.  

A person suffering from typical mongolism also:  

  • An abnormally small head 
  • Pupils pointing upwards and sloping outward 
  • A wide and mouth-covering tongue structure 
  • Hand structure in the shape of a shovel 
  • Abnormally occurring lines on the palm 
  • A short and wide neck 

Such symptoms are seen.  

Some of these symptoms are also seen in those with the syndrome. But of course it occurs in different ways. For example, in syndromes, there is only one line on the palm and goes across it. Their head structure is normal, but they have a flattened and thick nape. Language structures are also similar. However, although the language is broad, it is not in a way that prevents them from speaking.  

The  common point between Down syndrome  and  mongolism is chromosomes. Although there is one more chromosome in the syndrome, there is a chromosome disorder in mongolism. Both have  mental retardation  . There are 47 chromosomes in both anomalies.  

Another common point is that it is more common in women who conceive at a late age. However, they do not exhibit genetic or hereditary characteristics.  

After too many births, the incidence of both conditions is high in children born. We can say that having a lot of children is a risky situation. In either case, there is no definitive treatment. However, there are situations that can be solved with special education.  

The  average life expectancy in mongolism and syndrome is 45 years. Longer living individuals have been found, but this is a rare occurrence. Such individuals always remain children despite their advancing age. Their behavior is also similar to that of children.  

Their psychological state is very sensitive. Despite their quick anger, they quickly forget. They obey, but never tolerate coercion.  

Many families want to care for their children at home. However, this will be a very challenging situation. There are associations and private clinics dealing with mongolism and the syndrome. Getting help from such organizations would be a positive behavior for families.  

They can work in existing lines of business for simple tasks and behaviors. In this way, they can meet their own needs and earn wages. It is a situation that can be seen in people of all races or in every society.   

Down Syndrome Mental Handicap is it?

It is possible to answer yes to this question. One of the problems caused by the syndrome is mental retardation. However, there is no extreme case as in mongolism.  

We can  answer the question of whether Down syndrome is a mental handicap , it causes mild to moderate mental retardation.  

Many families regret this situation. However, it is possible to overcome this situation with special training.  

It would be beneficial to get help in this regard from the associations and organizations that serve for the syndrome. There are educational institutions that serve with private therapists and psychologists. These organizations also have a physiotherapist.  

These specially trained people help people with the syndrome both psychologically and physiologically. In this way, families’ life becomes a little easier.   

Recommendations for the Pregnancy Process

The mentally handicapped condition loses its severity after the age of one. In other words, when individuals reach a certain level, they can meet many of their needs themselves.  

In  this article, where we describe the relationship of Down syndrome intelligence , we   tried to inform you about the Down syndrome intelligence level and other issues.