A Concise Insight Into Ancient Oriental Baby Forecasting Systems

Lots of countries in the world boast of inventions, one such nation is China. She boasts of many yet very weird inventions! Chinese people are also revered for their trend to drift into traditional fantasy along with a mastery over numerous forms of art. It’s obvious that strange things are bound to originate from this land of inventors. The Chinese calendar is one such invention. As the name suggests this is a calendar that was invented for the aim of predicting the sex of an unborn child. Whereas we use the ultrasound technology nowadays to find out the gender of the baby today the Chinese still utilize this age old invention claiming that it produces 90% accurate predictions.

Seven centuries ago the Chinese birth calendar was discovered buried in a crypt in Beijing, the capital city of China. History has it that it was invented some seven thousand years ago. As evidence to this discovery, the original calendar is displayed in one of the scientific universities in the city but copies have been produced and are distributed across cities in China, and over the internet.

In some ways you could say that the Chinese were ahead of their time. On the flipside however one can argue that the Chinese mindset was backwards with regards to the perception that they had about the birth of a child. Traditionally the birth of a baby boy was considered to be a blessing whereas the birth of a baby girl was considered to be a burden.

However several explanations are given for this, heavy reliance on agriculture, nature of labor in the field and the contribution with respect to productivity. Despite the narrow mindedness, looking at the reasons above the boy child was best suited to meet the above needs and the fairer gender to be despised until she reaches the age of marriage.

To satiate their curiosities, to plan for what was to come, were a few of the reasons other than the ones stated above that resulted in this invention. The big concern was how reliable this birth calendar was. From the Chinese culture, the locals have exhibited much faith in the Chinese birth calendar going further to claim that it has an accuracy prediction of up to 90%. While some disbelieve this claim as it’s a half and half chance to predict the unborn baby’s gender. The Chinese birth calendar has received a further consideration since the government declared a one child policy. All is not lost because it’s now a treasure of amusement, the internet contributing greatly to this.

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