About the babies crying

Since he was born, a person has tried to communicate with you. Constantly, he will try to tell you what he needs. In his 0-3 months, the intelligence of a baby has not been formed completely. Hence, he can not tell what he wants.

Baby talks with his crying. He cries when he needs something. In this case, you have to try to understand what they are trying to say. In fact, if you listen to his crying carefully, it has meaning. In addition, he cries with different types of crying for different needs. The person who found that baby cry means something is Priscilla Dunstan.

In her site, she tells that baby uses voice and body movement to tell his needs. The voices made by a baby are not random. He makes voices related to his physical needs. If his needs are fulfilled, he will cry louder and get angry. However, understand the language of the baby, in this case his crying is very important. This will build the intimate relation between mother and the baby, especially when a baby is 0-3 months.

By understanding the baby language, parents will be able to fulfill their baby needs. When a baby needs are fulfilled fast, the emotion of the baby will be better. Letting a baby cries loudly before fulfilling his needs is not a good option. In other time, he may cry louder and louder in order to get his needs fulfilled.

There are five basic needs that a baby usually cries for. Those are hungry because he wants to drink milk, sleepy because he wants to sleep, he wants to burp, and he wants to cut the cheese or take a dump.

Based on those needs, a baby will make voices. To recognize those voices, it is need the carefulness from the parents especially for mothers to listen to those voices in order to understand what the baby is trying to tell. Here are some voices made by the baby when he wants to tell his parent that he needs something.
– Neh: there is “nnn” sound in the beginning of a baby cry. This means that the baby is hungry and he wants to drink milk.
– Heh: there is “hhh” sound in the beginning of a baby cry. This means that the baby feels uncomfortable. It can be from the wet diaper that he is wearing, it might be he feels hot or cold.
– Eh: there is no “n” or “h” sound in the beginning of a baby cry. This means that he wants to burp. He wants his body to be upright so that he can get the gas out from his stomach.
– Eairh: there is “r” sound in his crying. This means that he wants to take a dump of cut the cheese. There is something uncomfortable in his stomach.
– Aaw/owh: he makes his mouth oval. This means that the baby is sleepy and he wants to get sleep.

Priscilla says that this is a universal language among baby in the world. Starting from now, try to understand what your baby is trying to say. For clearer explanation, you can find the book about the baby crying in the stores.

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