Easy And Effective Ways To Conceive A Boy Baby

For whatever reason, I’m more commonly asked about ways to conceive a boy than about methods to conceive a girl. I have very strong opinions on this topic. I firmly believe that there is actually not one but several ways to swing the odds in your favor for producing a son or male baby. I will go over these ways — one by one — (and will also tell you how to combine them for optimal effectiveness) in the following article.

The First (And Probably Easiest) Way To Conceive A Baby Boy: Deeper Penetration: I am going to list this one first because it is by far the easiest way to get started. Plus, it doesn’t cost any money or take any additional time. When you have intercourse (with the intention to get pregnant), try to focus on positions that give you deeper penetration. There is a reason for this and I could give you a long explanation. But, for now, just know that doing this gives the sperm that contributes to making baby boys a helping hand.

Don’t wait until you’re ovulating to determine what is the best position to accomplish this for you. There is a very small window here so you want to have everything already predetermined when that time comes.

The Second Way To Produce A Boy Baby: Very Precise And Very Late Timing: I know that this may seem counter intuitive or even like you are slacking off a bit. But, if you want to conceive a male baby, you are likely going to need to try to conceive at a later time than you had previously thought. Remember when I talked about that helping hand before? Well, it really is necessary to take extra steps when you are wanting to conceive a son.

I know that it’s very tempting to want to give yourself as many chances or opportunities to get pregnant as you can. So, you may be leaning toward trying to have intercourse as many times as you can on days where you think it’s even slightly possible that you could be ready to get pregnant. But, doing it this way is just going to make it more likely that you’re also leaving your baby’s gender to chance.

To have the best chance of hand picking your baby’s gender, you will have to be very picky and precise about the day(s) on which you chose to conceive. You want to limit yourself ONLY to the day of or day after ovulation. Again, there is a pretty long explanation for this. But to save you time, I’ll just say that trying to get a boy days before ovulation is likely a waste of your efforts because this particular sperm typically does not survive for long enough to make this a success. That’s why it’s so important that you know with razor sharp accuracy exactly when this happens. I can not stress enough how important it is to use a good predictor (and not just your own guessing) to tell you when you ovulate.

The Third Way To Conceive A Boy Baby: Knowing That Acidity Is Your Enemy: I left this one for last because it’s the one that I believe most people hesitate with. I believe that people perceive this to be harder because they think that they can’t see or control what is going on inside of their bodies. And, being acidic or alkaline is mostly something that happens internally due to your diet or due to what you introduce into your body (via douching or food and drink.) It’s perceived as mysterious, but it doesn’t have to be. And, it’s important because acidity is the environment that most favors making daughters, so you want to make sure that you don’t fall into this category.

However, the use of PH strips can tell you, to a certain extent, exactly what is happening when you introduce these things. In this way, you are not having to blindly plow along as you may have feared. You can get as specific about this as your patience level allows. I know some people who test a few hours after they eat or drink anything to see what affect their favorite foods have had on their acidity level.

This might be taking it a bit too far and is a lot of work. It might be easier to educate yourself on which foods contribute to a low PH or an alkaline state, which is what you want. Remember though, that some foods are initially acidic (lemons and cherries, as an example) but will turn alkaline as soon as your body attempts to break them down during digestion.

The Fourth (And I Think The Best) Way To Conceive A Boy: Combining Everything You Know To Do: If you have the inclination or patience, you can take this pretty far. I know people who make charts and calendars and really make this a priority. This doesn’t have to be all that difficult. If it were me, I would first focus on pinpointing my optimal two days. For myself personally, I started this process three months out and I used a saliva predictor with a high degree of success. Next, I would turn my attention toward getting my acidity down. I would first focus my level going in and would go from there. It was my habit to test a few hours after meals at first. Later, I became comfortable enough to test only if there were foods I was not sure about. I did learn that my body reacted weirdly to some foods. And once I learned this, I just omitted those items.

Finally, the deep sexual positions are the last and easiest thing to accomplish. You can sort of think about this when you are not trying to conceive and then use what you’ve learned as you find the days where your ovulation day hopefully overlaps with a nice low PH.

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