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Japanese Calendar Baby Gender Prediction 2021

The desire of the mothers and fathers who want their babies to learn their sex before the pregnancy begins. Not only mother and father, but all individuals in the family will start to find out about the sex of the baby that will be born. This situation, which started with the emergence of baby words, directs the whole family as well as mothers and fathers to the baby sex calculation tools.

Like the Chinese Calendar and the Russian Calendar on our site, the Japanese calendar has become very popular today for those who want to learn about baby sex.

What is the Japanese Calendar?
When we look at baby gender calculation tools, it is seen that they always get their names from their countries. Like other calendars, the Japanese calendar takes its name from Japan, where the calculation came out.
Based on the month of the mother and father who will look at the logic of the Japanese calendar, it takes into account the last month of the mother and creates a baby gender calculation logic. We will also discuss the detailed description of the calculation below for you.

How is the Japanese Calendar Calculation Calculated?
As with the Chinese calendar, there are two calculation methods in the Japanese calendar. If anyone wants, by looking at the tables, he can automatically calculate the baby sex with the calculation tool under our article.

At the bottom of the article, there is an automatic calculation area for the Japanese calendar.

According to the Japanese calendar, the year of birth of the mother and father does not matter, only the month when the father is born is enough for us.
First of all, how to calculate the Japanese calendar with the help of a table. We have 2 tables for the Japanese calendar. By looking at these tables, we will calculate the gender of the baby as follows:
• First, we look at our friends table number 1 and at the top we see the months when the mother was born, next to the father,
• As a second step, we find the intersection of the months of their birth by looking at the months of birth of the mother and father,
• Thirdly, we note the number at the intersection, which will help us calculate the baby gender in table-2.

Note: The Japanese calendar calculates you as a percentage, it can not give results as a girl or a boy, and sometimes the proportions appear equally.

Example: Assuming that our mother was born in September, and our father was born in May, we look at the figure at the intersection of the two and see that it is 5 and note it.

(The intersection of sample months is marked in red in Table-1.)

Japanese Calendar Calculation Table-1
japanese calendar table

We will use the number 5 that we obtained in Table-1 in table 2 below, as follows. When we examine the table, there are figures up to 12 at the top.
• First, we find 5 in the numbers above the table,
• Secondly, we will see the months below the number 5, in these months we find the month that the mother got pregnant,
Thirdly, next to the month when the mother got pregnant, there are X marks on the right or left side of the girl and boy,
• Finally, which side of the table, namely “GIRL-MALE” and which of the “*” sign is higher, means that your baby will be the sex.

You can calculate the calculation as a percentage out of 100 points. For example, if there are 5 * boys in the field and 2 girls in the field, you will see the percentage of 7 stars and the probability of being a boy is 71 percent. We recommend that you examine the Japanese calendar automatic gender calculation area to make the calculation easily.

Example: If we continue with our previous example, we found the number 5 in the table below, and when we think of the month of conception in May, we see that the baby’s gender is 1-1, the number of stars here means that the sex of your baby is 50-50%.

(In the table-2, the intersection of the sample months is marked in red.)

Japanese Calendar Calculation Table-2
japanese calendar table2

Japanese Calendar Automatic Calculation
At the bottom of our article, we have discussed in detail how to do the calculation manually above. If you enter only the month of the mother, father’s birth and the months when the mother got pregnant, you will calculate the gender of your baby as a percentage.
Please enter the relevant fields correctly as the month number instead of the month name.

Is the Japanese Calendar Right?
Like other baby gender calculation calendars, the Japanese calendar is one of the accounts that cannot be verified. These calculation tools have no scientific and are primitive calculation tools from the past.

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