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What is the ovulation period?
What is the point of ovulation period?
How is the ovulation period calculated?
When will I be able to be pregnant, and when are the most suitable times to be pregnant?
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What is the ovulation period?
The ovulation period is the topic which people willing to have children are at most curious about. The pregnancy period of the woman will be shaped by this period.

Ovulation is a medical term expressing the action of giving a birth. It means that mature eggs waiting to be fertilized become free in ovarian.

The ovulation period is important mostly for the pregnancy. It is very important for families planning to have children. It is a free period to be pregnant. In the ovulation period, women live the most suitable time to fertilize. For this reason, having a sex in that time will increase the possibility to be pregnant.

For that, couples should be together by thinking of those times while they are planning to have children and many couples are planning it by considering those dates to be important. The other point which is important in medicine is that sperms of a man having lots of sex decrease, so they should have sex by thinking of those times, which is more useful.

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How is the ovulation calculation made?
In order to calculate the ovulation period in the best way, the menstrual period should be known correctly. The menstrual order is how many days it happens once. So, after the first bleeding, how many days later it happens again and is the time between them always the same? Shortly, is your menstruation period regular or not?

For calculating the ovulation period, it is very important whether the menstrual period is regular or not. The ovulation period starts 14 days before the next menstruation period. If an example is necessary, the first bleeding starts 14 days after the ovulation period starts.

People having a regular menstrual period and the other people having an irregular menstrual period will be considered separately because the situation is different with the ovulation period. Additionally, the time between two bleeding times may not be constant for every woman. We will talk about them separately.


When are women pregnant during the ovulation period?
In order to be pregnant, you can increase the possibility to be pregnant by looking at the information given above and adjusting your sex times according to it. If you definitely would like to be pregnant at the arranged time, start to have sex 2-3 days before those times. Because the first week of the ovulation period is the most suitable time for the pregnancy.

As we explained above, having sex every day decrease the quality of sperms, so you are supposed to have sex regularly.

What about the protection during the ovulation period?
The pill use coming at first of protection methods for women is not very recommended since it causes hormones to be corrupted. So, people look for the other protection methods. For this reason, whether there is a protection during the ovulation period or not is one of the most frequent questions.

The idea that there will be a pregnancy after having sex during the ovulation period is wrong. Getting pregnant is also possible outside the ovulation period. Therefore, it is ideal that couples who don’t think of pregnancy should try the other protection ways. If the pregnancy is thought of, there is no protection method need.

You can calculate your ovulation period by filling the required boxes in the calculation tool below. The most important point in the calculation tool is your regulation. So, you will get accurate results if you know your exact regulation.