Pregnancy Calculator 

Pregnancy Calculator

Every mother candidate doubting if she is pregnant or not try to understand whether they are pregnant or not by using urine test that can be bought from a pharmacy. During this period, mother candidates doing this test and seeing that they are pregnant make it sure by going to a hospital for the precision and giving blood.

Mother candidates whose pregnancy becomes certain start to think how many months they are pregnant. In this article, we will share with you information about how to calculate the pregnancy calculation and automatic pregnancy calculation tool.

You can reach pregnancy calculator tool at the bottom of our article.

What is the pregnancy calculation?
The pregnancy calculation is the method to guess when she will give a birth. These dates are not surely known. Many pregnant women hug their babies one week after or before the date they calculated.

For calculating the exact pregnancy date, It is most important to know the last menstrual date clearly. With the last date of menstruation and ultrasonic data, the birth date of the baby can be calculated. We can say that calculating the pregnancy in average is made by adding 280 days to the last menstrual date. It means that you will be able to hug your baby at the end of a period of 280 days, which is 40 weeks. The reason we give the numbers on average is that babies are generally born in the 38th and 40th week.
You can calculate the pregnancy period by filling required areas in the pregnancy calculation tool at the bottom of the page.

Does the pregnancy calculation give accurate results?
We have already shared the information about how to calculate the pregnancy period with you above. When it comes to the accuracy, the calculation tools on our site, such as the calculations that are made medically, may not give accurate results.

During the pregnancy period, a lot of factors can affect the birth date of the baby. For instance, whether the growth speed of the baby is fast or not has a really important effect on the birth date of the baby. Besides the baby’s growth, the health status of the mother is very very important for the birth date of the baby. We will talk about factors to affect your baby’s birth date below.

The factors that affect the birth date of the baby
* It is proved scientifically that if the mother has twin babies, the birth will be early. So twin babies are born early.
*If the mother has illnesses such as urinary tract infections, blood pressure, diabetes mellitus may lead to the early birth of the baby.
*If the mother had a C-section birth before, she has to have a new C-section birth for the new baby, which can make the birth earlier.
* that the level of the liquid the baby is living decreases can cause the birth to be early.


The existence process of the baby

Doctors follow the existence process of the baby weeks by weeks but not months by months. Therefore, we will explain what happens in weeks below.

Between the 1st and 4th weeks:
The mother may not know that she is pregnant during this time since she has just been pregnant. Generally, women learn their pregnancies with tests they do thinking that they don’t have menstruation. The mother may not realize anything during this period.

Between the 5th and 8th weeks:
In this period, the baby existence starts slowly but the mother can not feel a feeling about the existence. In this time, pregnant mothers can enter the craving feelings of food.

Between the 9th and 13th weeks:
The baby’s organs are created in this period and you can see the baby through the ultrasonic device. The feeling of craving will increase in this time.

Between the 14th and 17th weeks:
The baby starts to get strong as its organs grow in this period. Its gender becomes certain as well.

Between the 18th and 21st weeks:
The baby’s growth section gets fast and the mother feels kicks in her belly clearly. Now the mother’s stomach starts to be visible from the outside.

Between 22 and 26 weeks:
In this period, the baby’s internal organs continue to grow and the mother feels the baby more.

Between the 27th and 31st week:
In this period, the baby starts to have hair in her body, and the baby’s skin colour slowly starts to emerge.

Between 32 and 36 weeks:
In this period, the baby’s progress is regularly being completed and it is directed to the birth way.

Between the 37th and 40th weeks:
In this period, the mother and father should complete all their preparations by thinking that their baby can come to the world at any moment because the baby has completed its growth and is waiting for the right time.

The tool for calculating the pregnancy


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