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Russian Baby Gender Calendar 2020

The thing which mothers and fathers are the most curious about for their first child is which gender the baby will have. People want to learn their children’s gender immediately because the meaning given to the gender has been very different so far. The Chinese calendar and Russian calendar are calendars which are at most searched by fathers and mothers willing to learn the gender.

How is the baby gender identified according to the Russian calendar?
What is necessary for learning the baby gender in the Russian calendar?
We will talk about them.

What is the Russian calendar?
The Russian calendar is not also a scientific calculation method just like the Chinese calendar. The methods out of science that are used for the gender calculation are out of the present century, odd.

In the Russian calendar, the baby gender is made with a calculation method based on the date of birth of the mother and the father and the date of the last menstrual period. This method of gender determination is a method that is considered to give accurate results like a calendar.

You can understand what your baby’s gender is most likely when you press the calculate button after entering the required information completely.

You can get the clearest scientific answer after the birth. The best way to learn the baby sex is in these days ultrasonic devices. With this device, mothers and fathers can learn their babies’ sex at the 16th week at the latest.

There is some various guess in relation to learning the baby sex. Example, the shape of the stomach of the mother is roundish, so it will be a girl, or if it is sharp, it will be a boy. The other ways are ring test or beauty of the mother. Their sex is certain at the time that fertilization starts but its determination is impossible just after the pregnancy begins.

Fathers and mothers are using the Chinese calendar and the Russian calendar in order to learn their baby gender immediately.

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Is the Russian Calendar accurate?
The Russian calendar is a totally personal calculation tool just as the Chinese calendar is. Some mothers and fathers say that their babies’ sexes are true according to the Russian calendar while some mothers and fathers say that their baby’s sex is incorrect.

The sex determination way with the Russian calendar is also completely fake. Baby genders can be learned at the earliest in the 12th week of pregnancy. Guesses can be made as we have already mentioned above, but these are completely risky. Their exact gender can be learned with a doctor in the 16th week of the pregnancy at the latest.

For the gender determination, the Russian calendar is considered to be a little more scientific than the Chinese calendar. The reason for this is that the date of birth and the last menstruation date of the mother are in the calculations of the Russian calendar.

Do the results in the Russian calendar change every year?
The baby gender changes by years even if the mother and father’s birth dates are constant. Its reason is that the date of menstruation changes and every year take a step. As we said above, it is just for the guess, there is nothing sure.

How is the gender calculation in the Russian calendar made?
According to the Russian calendar, one of those methods is made according to the birth dates of the mother and father and the mother’s last menstruation date.

If you would like to learn your baby’s sex according to that, press the button “calculate” by texting birth dates of the mother and father and the mother’s last menstruation date.

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