Waist Exercises For Pregnant Women

As the uterus grows, the center of gravity of the body also changes during the later pregnancy. This also causes an increase in the load of the body muscles. In addition, relaxation occurs in all joints, especially those located in the bones of the pelvis, with the effect of the body's preparation for childbirth. All these changes cause the mother to suffer from low back pain. There are some precautions that the expectant mother can take to get rid of these pains. First of all, they should pay attention to the use of shoes and especially to avoid heels. It is also very important to accurately determine the posture. Giving the correct shape to the body is very important in terms of equal distribution of body weight to the muscles, bones, ligaments in the spine and waist. With the correct posture, the release of the belly is given a shape that prevents unnecessary contraction of all the muscles in the body. Doing some exercises other than these measures will help reduce low back pain during pregnancy. First, squatting exercise is recommended. This exercise enables the muscles that the pregnant women will use when the time of birth comes. For this, it will be sufficient to slowly crouch and straighten by getting help from a chair while standing. With the waist and hips exercise, it is necessary to take the hips out slightly in a standing or lying position and pull them back in. This exercise both relieves pain and provides flexibility of joints and ligaments. The same exercise can be done in the knee position. If these exercises are done regularly and carefully during pregnancy, it will provide an easy birth for the mother as well as reducing the pain.

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