What Is heterotopic Pregnancy?

What Is heterotopic Pregnancy?

A heterotopic pregnancy can be a dangerous and complicated situation. The uterus may become distended during the process of fertilization leading to the development of an abnormal fetus that is potentially harmful to the mother. A good thing to know is that many of these pregnancies have a good survival rate after the intervention, although many miscarriages do occur. Here are some facts about heterotopic pregnancy treatment:

heterotopic pregnancy

The first option most doctors will offer their patients who have recently gone through a heterotopic pregnancy is to induce labor. There are several medications that are used to induce labor, the most common being the Mirena. This medication acts as a weak version of the male hormone, allowing the mother to get herself to contract the fetal circulation. Unfortunately, this option has many bad side effects such as an increased chance of ectopic pregnancy. Other methods of inducing labor include using the mother’s own uterus and taking oral medication such as extra. These procedures have good results with some patients but are not safe for all women.

Another form of heterotopic pregnancy treatment is a procedure called hiopolytomy. This involves removing the abnormal baby from the woman’s uterus. This may not involve an incision, and depending on the type of procedure used, it may cause scarring. Other options for surgery include in vitro fertilization, in which the fertilized embryo is directly injected into the woman’s womb. This is considered the safest procedure available today. However, there are still many cases when a heterotopic pregnancy has to be terminated despite the best medical care.

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