When To Get Pregnant With A Girl Baby

I’m often asked to help a moms-to-be to pinpoint the optimal time in their fertility cycle to conceive a girl baby. Many assume that I’m going to give them a day in the month based on when their menstrual cycle started or ended. Some actually ask for the optimal time during the day (an actual time like 9:00 am or 11:00 pm.) And some think that I’ll give them a day based on astrology, gender prediction calendars, or phases of the moon or the seasons. Although all of these things can be fun, they aren’t based on science and they aren’t what I use to gauge when is the best time for a woman to conceive a girl. I’ll explain this more in the following article.

If You Want A Girl, The Timing Is Actually Based On How To Get The Y (Boy) Sperm Out Of The Running: People often assume that the timing needed to get a girl baby is based on the characteristics of the X (girl producing) sperm. This is sort of true, but what matters most is undermining the characteristics of the Y (boy producing) sperm. Specifically, their weakness comes into play. The Y sperm is technically weaker, more vulnerable, and quicker to die off. This is an advantage that you can’t afford to ignore.

Luckily, the X (girl) sperm don’t have these problems. They are slower, but in terms of life span, they are the big winner. So, conceiving earlier in the fertility cycle works out well for them because they aren’t compromised by hanging out until the egg is ready. Boy sperm on the other hand have a very short time frame to work with. So, you can easily conceive 3 – 4 days before ovulation and be reasonably confident that a good deal of the Y sperm will have died off before the sperm fertilizes the egg, increasing your chances that it will be an X (girl) that ultimately completes the assignment.

The Importance Of Absolute Accuracy: Obviously, even being a day off can be a factor here. So, you have to know for sure when you are going to ovulate. And, this can be tricky when producing girl babies. If you are going for a boy, you really only need to know when you’ve ovulated after the fact. This is easier to gage. But, in this scenario, in a sense, you need to be able to see into the future for complete success.

And, that’s why I don’t advocate the guessing games that we sometimes play with our ovulation. Just counting forward two weeks from your last period just often isn’t good enough. Nor is taking your temperature or trying to “read” your cervical mucus. For women trying to conceive a girl, I really like the saliva ovulation predictors because the slide and instructions will teach how to tell that ovulation is approaching. In fact, most will show you examples beginning seven days out. And, you can test often during the day (not just in the morning) to check on any changes.

Speaking of the morning (or the night,) I believe that the time of day doesn’t really matter. You’re really only worried about figuring out when that 3-4 day prior window is. It doesn’t really matter when this occurs. But, when it does, you just act as quickly as you can.

Additional Tips For Getting A Girl Baby: Timing is probably the most important factor, but there are others. You’ll also want to become as acidic as you can with the highest PH that you can manage before you hit your window. So, depending on when you had your last period, you’ll hopefully have one cycle to achieve this. The reason for this is that a high PH is another factor that gets rid of Y sperm. You can also try for shallow penetration when you have intercourse because this too makes it harder on the Y’s.

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